I'm Jörg. Likely we met somewhere and I may have told you that I don't really do facebook and linkedin too much and left you with an old time web address and phone number. I left this page here for you, so you don't feel like you met some online ghost. Also you can find some general info on me below.

I currently work in advertising production for a pretty large multinational trade corporation. I plan, manage and support the development of enterprise software. My focus is on  process management and technology. I touch pretty much all levels of vertical integration, from datacenter management up to workflow analysis on user level. My generalist approach served me well in my life so far and current developments in devops,  agile and business capability centric thinking reinforce this notion. Since we run our stuff in nine countries I get around a bit and I experience working with our international partners and friends as an enormous enrichment.

How did I get here? I got some proper education in tech, but for a while prefered to get around in music, digital content creation, art and other shenanigans. I toured the western world with my very mediocre band, worked in advertising and crowd surfed more hotel rooms than the Sex Pistols. (According to Glen Matlock)

Where technology, media, art and presentation meet I feel home.

Outside of my business related work I'm currently open for small projects in art and entertainment in Germany and Benelux in case I find it fun and feasible.

It's likely I'd be happy to hear from you again so please call, text, write whenever. Info at the bottom.

I like Pictures

Some stuff I recorded lately.